Tuesday, September 28, 2010

University day of HSTU

11th September is the historical day in the life of the university (HSTU). HSTU is the only one unique light bearer of Science and Technology in the Northern area of Bangladesh. According to the Dr. Kudrati khuda education commission report it was proposed to set up an agricultural institute for the agricultural development in the Rajshahi Division.

Following that in 1979 it started it’s walking as an Agricultural Extension Training Institute (AETI) to award a three years diploma in Agriculture. The AETI was later on upgraded to Hajee Mohammad Danesh Agricultural College in 1988 having an affiliation from the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh to offer a four-year bachelor degree in Agriculture.

In order to create furthermore facilities to produce skilled manpower in science, technology and research in particular, the college was ultimately upgraded to the status of a university renaming it as Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU).

11th September 1999 the university act was granted in parliament. We are felling happy to enjoy the university day together. Many programs arranged to observe the day. All the student with same T-shirt was looking really nice. We are proud of our university.

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