Monday, December 05, 2011

romantic gifts

This unique romantic gift idea by Antonio Verdi makes a special occasion unforgettable. The COSIMO is NOT to be delivered in the paper-carton/crinkle-cut-paper that it is shipped in unless it has to be sent directly to the recipient (e.g. as a unique romantic gift for a long distance relationship). The COSIMO is delivered "naked" (as is). It can be placed on a bedroom pillow with a rose next to it for a unique romantic gift surprise or on a kitchen or coffee table to be discovered by the recipient. As a Christmas romantic gift of course it has to be wrapped. In case the COSIMO is delivered outside the house, like in a restaurant, you can elect to place it in a gift bag which you can include in your order at no additional cost. Make a statement with this lasting romantic gift idea by Antonio Verdi.romantic gifts

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